‘Tis the Season Giveaway


‘Tis the Season …


of winning.


From December 16-22, 2014, we’re giving you a great chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!


The lucky winner will be announced on or about
December 23, 2014—it could be you!


To enter:


1. Click the $100 gift card above.
2. At the Rafflecopter giveaway page, login with your email address.
3. Select the first option and Tweet our giveaway to score 1 point to enter the giveaway.


Want to REALLY BOOST your chances of winning? Unlock BIG bonus points!


Purchase one or more books from the amazing Season’s Readings selections and enter the book title and Amazon proof of purchase code from your receipt.


You’ll score 10 POINTS for each book purchased!


* No purchase necessary. You may enter the giveaway with option 1—the giveaway tweet.


* FREE books do not qualify for the giveaway and will be disqualified.


* Giveaway not open to the authors or authors’ immediate families.


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6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season Giveaway

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    • We’re sorry about that, we did not intend to mislead anyone. But probably 99.9% of the people online that visit our site and enter our contests have a Twitter account. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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